>An Unexpected Phone Call


 We got a call from Austin’s grandparents on Saturday morning. I hear Austin say, “What?! A car? In your house? So is it still in the yard? Oh my gosh… Ya we’ll come over.”
Turns out, at 2:00 a.m. a lady wrecked her car into their house. (These photos are from my iphone so they aren’t the best quality.)
 The lady (who was intoxicated) apparently hit the house and then the car swung around and landed on their front porch.
 The police came, had to practically tackle the girl because she wouldn’t go with them.
 The tow truck came after that and took the car away.
 What’s funny is that Jim (gpa) didn’t even hear the accident happen. Martha (gma) had to wake him up.
 It took out one of their huge windows and damaged the wall.
 I brought Sophie over with us to cheer them up a bit. I think it worked.

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