>Cantaloupe Mishaps


While I was in Alaska, my wonderful sister kept our dog, Chauncey for us. She has two other large dogs so it isn’t a huge deal to add one to the mix. Well, that was true until one unfortunate evening. 
I called my sister to check on the dog. She didn’t answer. She called me back about 10 minutes later. Here’s a cliffnotes version of the conversation:
“Sorry I didn’t answer…”
…”too busy yelling at your dog for eating my cantaloupe!”
“Yes, my cantaloupe I was growing my garden….”
“…been waiting for the perfect time to pick it…”
“…patiently watching it grow…”
“I come home…”
“find it chewed up…”
“…your dog is the only one who can fit through the fence…”
“I’m so pissed…”
“I know he’s just a puppy, I know…”
“…No I don’t want another cantaloupe…
“I want THAT one! The one I grew”
“I like Chauncey, I really do…”
“I can’t believe he ate my cantaloupe…”
Even though I’ve gotten some good laughs out of the conversation, I felt bad. I know first hand the anticipation of picking something grown from your own garden. Since then, I’ve been trying think of ways to remedy Chauncey’s knack for my sisters fruit. I think I found a solution. Since Leslie refused to let me buy her a cantaloupe, I made her one!
I think she’ll appreciate the gesture. 
Here’s a little rundown on how I did it:
Made two circles with a compass.  Cut them out and sewed them right sides together.
 I was hoping it would turn our a little more ball looking rather than like a whoopie cushion.
 To make it look more cantaloupeish, I added some dots to give it the textured look.
It kinda worked.
Like I said, I think she’ll appreciate the gesture. 

2 thoughts on “>Cantaloupe Mishaps

  1. >Love your blog!! Just visiting from Girl creative and New Friend Fridays. You have the best ideas, so I just became your next follower! AND-Your napping face is beautiful!!!!!

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