>Reusable Swiffer Duster


Own a Swiffer Duster?
I do. I love it.
I’m also always looking for ways to save a little money so when I saw this tutorial for a reusable Swiffer Duster from Sew Much Ado I took notes. It wasn’t high on the To-Do list until I snagged this flannel fabric at a garage sale for $.25. I got to work. Seriously, this project took 15 minutes once you get the hang of it. Very easy.
 Cut four 7×7 squares and four 4×7 squares.
 Stack them up in two piles. Two big pieces on bottom, two smaller ones on top of that. Four pieces of fabric in each pile.
I don’t have a good picture of this, but you want to sew your two piles together. Flip one of your piles over and stack the other on top. The stack should be in this order:
Sew the big stack of all 8 pieces straight down the middle.
To make the casing, fold the small pieces of fabric to one side, align the base of the Swiffer handle at the bottom of the fabric. Center the handle over the middle seam where the small and large pieces were joined together.
 Trace so you know where NOT to sew. You don’t want to sew where the knobs on the handle will be. You only want to sew along the flat part of your Swiffer handle.
 Test it out and see if it fits!
 Not done yet…
Trim that baby down!
 Starting with the top piece, cut about one inch from the center seam. Continue with the next piece by cutting 2 inches from the center seam and so on. Repeat on all sides
 After trimming it down, clip all of your trimmed pieces.
 Hope that makes sense. 
If you get confused, check out Sew Much Ado’s tutorial. Her pictures are a lot more clear than mine.
Happy Cleaning!

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