>More Alaska Updates


We have two days left on this Alaskan adventure until we return to the sauna in Columbia. I’ve been enjoying wearing my under armor and fleece and am not looking forward to returning to the Missouri humidity.
However, I am for sure looking forward to not living out of a suitcase. I look forward to being home and cooking my own meals. I look forward to sleeping in my own bed. Going home is bitter sweet. 
If you’re interested, here’s a bit of what we have been up to in Alaska.
We sleep well here. I’m not sure if it’s because of the 3 hour time difference or just being busy. Either way, sleep has been fabulous. 
 Coon hats:
Not one, but two have been running around with us. Will started the trend and then busted out his second, more authentic hat for Austin to wear. They’ve gotten lots of strange looks and laughs from the locals.
A few comments made yesterday from strangers: 
“You better not wear that around my house or you’ll get shot.”
“You win the award for the best hat.”
(Toll man laughs at our approach) “I’m sorry, I just wasn’t expecting to see that.”
“If you wear that around long enough, an eagle will swoop down and snatch it off your head.”
“Nice hat, did you skin that yourself?”
Yesterday’s fishing was the most fun we’ve had so far. The reds (salmon) were biting and we were catching them like crazy. We stayed out fishing until 9:30pm. Tom, the owner of the house we are staying in, came out with us to help.
 Dad even managed to bring one onto shore without a net (a very difficult task) We asked how he did it. His response:
“Well, I got it between me and the shore. Then I introduced it to Mr. Foot. Then Mr. Knee. Then Mr. Rock.” (To knock it out). He’s so hardcore.
 My dad makes it seem so easy. However, Austin, Will and I weren’t having such a smooth experience bringing in the fish. We had about 3 broken lines, 5 get off the hook, and one escaped through a small hole in the net. We were like the Three Stooges trying to work together to net these dang fish. 

 Despite our clumsiness, we were able to bring in quite a few keepers. 
 I have to brag a little…
 We brought back the fishies, cleaned them out and cut them up. This was a first for Austin. I think he liked getting his hands dirty.
 “Starting contest: you, me, go……you win, you always do.”
More stories to come!

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