>Back from Colorado


Back to civilization. For the past 5 days, I’ve been in the mountains of Colorado with a group of senior high students. We had an absolute blast! I’m sleep deprived and exhausted but refreshed at the same time. Colorado makes me feel alive in a way that no other place does.  Here are a few pics from the trip.
We had a 16 hour bus ride on the way out there. It actually wasn’t too bad since we did it over night. However, I am convinced that there is absolutely NO way to be comfortable sleeping on a charter bus.
 Here’s Kelsie and I. This was on a hike we took on the first day.
 Here are some other gals who took the hike with us. Isn’t the view incredible!?
 We came across a little waterfall. Of course we had to stop for some pictures.
 Let me tell you, we ate well. I always go to Colorado with the secret hopes of coming back super fit and in shape. However, I think my calorie intake easily kept up with the calories burned from all the hiking. Dang.
 I just thought this was pretty.
 This hike was to Horn Lakes. Round trip, it was 12 miles. The first 6 were uphill. I’ll be honest, it was hard. When you’re not used to the altitude, hiking uphill for four hours is not pleasant.
 We made it to the top. It was beautiful. Emily (below) found this skeleton towards the top. For some reason she felt the need to carry it down the mountain. SIX miles down the mountain. There are just some things I will never understand about high school students.
 I just thought this was a cool picture. I am totally in my element at this moment.
Lastly, we discovered a thing called the “Human Rubber Band.” I have a video below because it’s pretty hard to explain. Pretty much, if you are in the rubber band, you are flung to the opposite side. It’s so fun!


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