>Shower Curtains: Who knew!?


One of my favorite blogs, Curbly, recently posted on the many uses of shower curtains.
I have a particular interest learning about creative uses of ordinary items. So needless to say, I read on with enthusiasm. 
Here are some suggestions on how to reinvent the shower curtain.
Shower curtains are good to keep in your trunk for emergencies. Especially if you have to crawl under your car for some reason.
I doubt I’ll be crawling under my car any time in the future but it sure would be handy if I am feeling mechanical one day.
 A quick cut and you can turn one into an emergency poncho!  
Good thing this handsome family had 3 extra shower curtains on hand, huh?
 Shower curtains can be used to make protective aprons.
I’ll be honest, I’m not sure how this would work.  A lot of cutting I guess.
They can serve as drop clothes when painting or to put under high chairs. 
Noted. I’ll pass this on to my baby-making friends.
 They can protect your table when cutting fabric or when doing sticky crafts indoors.
Why haven’t I thought of this! I have mod podged way too many projects on my kitchen table.
 They are perfect for lining a trunk- especially when carrying dirty stuff like plants.  
Again. Duh. Why can’t I know these tips earlier in life?
 They make great weed blockers in flower beds.
Not sure if I believe this one. Also, I don’t think I want a patterned weed blocker.
 Use them as tarps for items in the garage and outside such as lawn equipment and furniture.
Pretty good idea, actually. Might have to cover the wheelbarrow that is sitting outside.
 Line cabinets and shelves with them. 
It’d be cheaper than the pre-cut liners, I bet. 
Use shower curtains as picnic table covers or bend covers.
  Excellent for moisture protection under tents or sleeping bags.
Noted. If I ever camp, I’ll try to remember this little trick.
 Seriously, after seeing this list, I feel like I need to have five shower curtains on hand. Who knew they were so versatile!?

3 thoughts on “>Shower Curtains: Who knew!?

  1. >I saw this and had to laugh. For one of our backyard parties, I needed a small tablecloth for the drink table so I used a spare white fabric shower curtain. I was surprised to see that water just beaded up on it. Now I use it every time!

  2. >I actually buy cheap dollar store shower curtains because we have so much iron in our water, that even with a filter we get rust on our shower curtain. Have you ever tried to clean rust off a shower curtain? I change them out about every 4-6 weeks, throw the old one in the washer so it's a least clean and I've used them for all kinds of things, several you mentioned here. My favorite use is as a paint drop cloth.

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