>My Love Affair with Colorado


I love Colorado.
I always have. I don’t know what it is about this place that continually draws me back. I’ve probably been over twenty times by now. I’ve only flown once. It’s one of the most boring 12 hour drives you can take. No turns. No scenery. Just Kansas.
BUT at the end of the drive, you see this…
When I graduated, I was bound and determined to find a job in Colorado. However, God had different plans for me to stay in Columbia.
Despite ending up in Missouri, I’ve paid my annual visit to the Rockies. Mainly to ski.
 Every year I go, I’m tempted to just buy my own skis. However, I’m always not quite sure when I’ll be back, so I don’t. I should just assume I will be and take the financial hit for a pair. Those suckers are expensive though!
  Until then, I’ll just rent and ski my heart out. 
 I love the snow capped trees, and white landscape as you drive. I practically drool as we drive through the mountains.
 The great thing about Colorado is that it is an entirely different experience in the summer. The past 3 summers, we have taken high school groups there to hike, camp, and whitewater raft. 
Here is a picture of our crew from last summer.
 The first day we went out, we hiked most of the day, found a campsite and discovered that we were one tent short. We ended up having 9 girls in a 4 person tent.  
At first, we thought this would be kind of fun. 
However, we quickly learned that the only way to fit everyone in was to spoon each other. This meant we all had to sleep on our side, being snuggled by the person behind you and the person in front.
We didn’t get much sleep so the next day of hiking was a bit rough.
For three days, we lived out of our backpacks and hiked more than we ever thought we could.
 Our group went up and down the Continental Divide in a matter of 24 hours. I’ve never been physically challenged like that before.

The beauty of Colorado can’t be captured by camera.
Can you see why I want to live there?
 I mean, I look SO Colorado, right?
 Good thing. Because I’m headed there tomorrow!! I can’t wait.
 I have a bag packed full of things. And of course, I have my few essentials which I have featured below.
 Hope you enjoyed my random venting and thoughts on my favorite vacation state. I for sure won’t miss the current Missouri weather either. And guess what comes after the Colorado trip…? ALASKA!
Stay tuned my blogging friends. Lots of travel stories in the future.


5 thoughts on “>My Love Affair with Colorado

  1. >Hey, came across your blog from Friendly Friday. I have never been to Colorado (I'm an East Coast girl) but after seeing your pics, it looks pretty tempting. I see you took a group of high school kids, are you a teacher? I haven't got to read through much of your site (or maybe involved in a church group?) I am a high school teacher, that's why ask. Look forward to more…

  2. >Tiffany- SO envious of you. Don't ever grow numb to the beauty around you.Amy- Thanks for saying hi. I am the director of student ministry at a church. That is why I have taken groups of high school students on these trips. Thanks for stopping by!

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