>Fabric Flower Bouquet


 This has been a craft in the works for a few days. It was totally worth it though.
It’s very doable and there is no sewing machine needed!
Here’s how I did it.
Start with cutting circles out. Five for each flower. I used a jar as my template. Classy, I know.
 Fold it in half and then in half again. Then iron. This gives the petal it a more defined edge.
 It’s a bit tedious if you are making a lot of flowers. I just put on some music and zoned out while I did it.
 After ironing, take one of the petals and hand sew along the rounded edge. Five to six stitches or so.
 Pull it tight to make it ruffle a bit then continue sewing the next petal to it. Don’t knot the thread until you are completely done.
 After all 5 petals are sewn together, knot it off and hot glue something to the center. I chose some buttons that coordinated with the fabric.
 Next, make the stems. I used those sticks you use to grill kabobs. I gave them a coat of off-white paint.
Hot glue the stick to the back of the flower.
In order to get the flowers to stay in place in the container, I had to use a lot of hot glue. In the picture below you can see how I hot glued all the stems together. I ended up gluing some of the petals together too.
 Finally, done!
I might have to make another one of these. They’re so fun!


10 thoughts on “>Fabric Flower Bouquet

  1. >These are so cute! I made some similar to these last year and used them to pin onto bags and blouses! Thanks for the how-to on this version, I love it! 🙂

  2. >These turned out absolutely fabulous! I am always on the look-out for new flower tutorials! Thank you so much!~Alisonhttp://oopsey-daisy.blogspot.com/

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