>Lil’ Bench


 I got this little guy at a garage sale this weekend for $7.00.
 I think it used to be a church pew or something because it had this little storage compartment under the seat.
 I wasn’t sure what I would do with it to be honest but I couldn’t pass it up for $7.00.
 First thing I did was prime it with Kilz spray primer.
 I then gave it two coats of white spray paint. My original idea was to leave it all white. However, after seeing it painted, it was obvious it needed a little more lovin.
 Here’s a peek at what I did…
I accented the back of it with some green paint I had on hand. I also sanded down the edges to give it some character.
It found a home in front of our living room window.
I wasn’t quite done with this little guy.
 See, it had this little compartment that was so dark and dingy.
 A little Mod Podge and cute wrapping paper can do a lot.
 After drying over night…
 Finally… DONE!
 Isn’t it so cute!

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