>Pillow, Ruffles, and Buttons, Oh my!


 I made this a few days ago.
I got the the idea Just Another Hang Up, one of the many crafty blogs I follow.
The ruffling was slightly tedious at first but the pillow comes together fast after that. It really only has 4 pieces (if you don’t include the fabric flowers).

Here’s a shot of the fabric before stuffing went in it. I thought it was going to turn out like a grandma pillow. After adding some the flowers though, it redeemed itself.

 Here is how I made the fabric flowers. 
I cut a strip of fabric 45″x1.5″.
 Tie a knot at one end to serves as the middle of the flower. Hot glue the extra behind the middle.
 From here on out the steps were simple. Twist, glue, and hold. Twist, glue, and hold.
It’s nearly impossible to do this without burning your finger tips at least 3 times. Ouchy.

 After glue has dried, you can use almost anything for the center of your flowers. I chose some buttons.

 I clustered them on the pillow by simply sewing them on (before the pillow was stuffed).
It found a home on one of our couches pretty fast. However, I’m afraid one of the doggies is going to mistake the fabric flowers a chew toys. It hasn’t happened yet but good thing they are easy to make!


2 thoughts on “>Pillow, Ruffles, and Buttons, Oh my!

  1. >Of all of the adorable pillows with flowers that I've seen out there in blogland, yours is by far, the cutest! I'm going to be your newest follower!smiles!www.blackberryvine.blogspot.com

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