Want to know how to convince a resistant, colorblind husband to help repaint a room?
Make the following offers:
“We’ll eat Shakespeare’s pizza for dinner the night of painting.”
“We can listen to Harry Potter the entire time.”
“We’ll have your favorite drink on hand.”
“Yes, I’ll wear that while painting…”
After the previous offers were agreed upon, we picked a day to repaint our living room. Why repaint, you may ask? Well, to be honest, I liked the original color for about 3 days. I then despised the purple-ish tint that the brown took on in certain lighting. See what I mean?
Maybe you can’t tell but I promise, it’s just an awkward color.
After being in many beige living rooms, I was convinced we needed a change. The color I chose was “Relaxed Khaki” by Shermin Williams. The best part about this paint is that there was no need to prime! Here are pictures of the painting in progress.
 We quickly discovered that Austin was a better roller than I so I did all the trimming while he did the big boy stuff.
 After only 5 hours, we were done with the entire project!
  I just feel so much more at ease with this color.
 I did make a few adjustments while setting everything back up. Take a look at the fireplace in this picture.
See that window/mirror?
 I gave it a new home. At first I thought this might be a little weird but I really like how it brightens up the fireplace.
 Love it.


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