>Itchy’s Flea Market


Want in on a Columbia secret? 
It’s a place called “Itchy’s Flea Market.” It looks pretty small and shabby on the outside but on the inside are endless aisles of treasures. Well maybe not everything is a treasure. More like endless aisles of trinkets to be honest. But behind the busyness of the trinkets and homemade crafts, you can find some pretty good stuff for great prices.
Yesterday, my friend Noelle and I found ourselves browsing the store. I came home with a few things I was pretty excited about.
I got these 3 flower arrangements for $2.00 each!
They have some wear and tear but nobody is going to notice the imperfections since they are on top of my fridge.
Before I found these little beauties, the top of my fridge was occupied by a fern. It was actually a decoration from our wedding that I re-purposed to fill space. 
I wasn’t too crazy about it but wasn’t at all willing to spend a lot of money to find something better.
However, I can splurge $6.00 for these replacements.
Another thing I got was this little mirror for $5.00. 
I’ve been wanting a small mirror for the cabinet in our bathroom for a while now. 
Since Austin and I have to share a pretty narrow mirror, it sometimes gets a little crowded-especially during makeup application time. So now I have my own mirror for when the boy is hogging the big one.
Lastly, I bought this storage jar for $1.00. 
 I’ve been wanting one of these to have a place to make and store homemade trail mix. I’m totally stealing the idea from my sister who always has an appealing batch easily accessible for when the munchies come on. 
Hope you enjoyed my new found treasures. I’m sure more will come soon. 

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