>I’m in Jamaica!


You’re probably thinking, “Polly, why the heck are you blogging from Jamaica?” Well, my friends, I’m actually not blogging from Jamaica. I have written this post a few days prior to the trip and have it scheduled to post while I’m there. 
Another question you may ask, “Polly, what the heck are you DOING in Jamaica?” 
My answer to that is, “Working my butt off and probably sweating more than I should be.”
Let me give you some visuals of the things I might be doing this week:
(These pictures are from last year’s trip)
Lots of hauling things around.
Lots of shoveling.
Moving, dumping, and sifting lost of buckets of gravel
But of course, taking some time to play…
Did I mention, getting buff throughout the week?
We may put up a house or two.
We’ll probably take a hike to the top of a mountain.
And of course play and dance with kiddos every night.
Arts and crafts are a must.
Hanging out and getting to know the community is one of the best parts.
After five days of work, we will head to Ocho Rios and have this view from our hotel…
I will most likely be having some pool time as well.
The sunsets in Jamaica are unreal. I can’t wait to see one of these.
So that’s what I’ll be doing this week. Can’t wait to tell you more about it!

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