>Father’s Day


 That’s my dad. He’s pretty great. I’m sad I can’t be home for Father’s Day- I’ll actually be on my way to Jamaica for a week long mission trip. Knowing that I wouldn’t be around for Father’s Day, I got to thinking about a gift to make up for my absence. I think he’ll like this. 
It was a gift that involved my brother and sister as well. Together, we came up with about 30 “Things We Learned from Dad.”
We collected funny, sweet, and sentimental things that Dad has taught us over the years and put them in a scrapbook.
 For example, these pages say, “How to Grow a Garden” and “How to Lead by Example.”
 “How to avoid fast food when on a road trip.”  “How to get a chainsaw stuck in a tree.”

 “How to get lost while driving.” and “Each person deserves respect, no matter how different they are.”

That’s just a taste of the list we put together.  As I was making the scrapbook I had a lot of time to reflect on all that my dad has taught us over the past 27+ years. I am so thankful for a Father who models integrity, love, self-discipline, leadership, balance and so much more. 
Love you, Dad! Sorry I was such a little turd growing up! 🙂

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