>A REAL Toolbox


As I was browsing through some of my favorite blogs, I stumbled upon a post that sparked some interest. It was about what every sufficient tool box should contain. For some reason, something in me likes to see if I pass tests like these. Despite the disorganization of our current tool box (see below) I think we are pretty well equipped. Lets find out.

A REAL toolbox here which should include the following AT LEAST:

A Claw Hammer 
 Easy. I think we have a few actually.
Nails and Screws 
Lots of those. I even have them organized and separated into jars. 
 Yep. Lots of those too. Almost too many. 

Crosscut saw
 I don’t think we have one of these actually. So far we haven’t had any urgent sawing needs. 

3/8″ Power Drill
Thank you wedding gifts. We got one of these puppies way back in October. I think it is one of Austin’s favorites.  
Carpenter’s Level 
I picked one of these up at an estate sale a few months ago. We’ve used it quite a bit. 
Adjustable Wrench 
We have it. I’ve never used it. I’m sure it’s good to have though. 
Slip-Joint Plyers 
Yep. Got those too. I like the feel of the grippers on them.
We’re doing well on this quiz! 
Utility Knife 
The one we have is somewhat of a safety hazard, but it works. I think it was my grandmas or something. 
Metal Retracting Tape Measure
We use ours all the time. When I was a kid, I used to be scared of the sound and feel of it recoiling. I would always drop it and run away. I’m sure that made my dad really happy. 
 I was initially a skeptic of our need of a hacksaw but after we got one as a wedding gift, I became a firm believer in the need of this tool if you own a yard. 
Um yes. I use this all the time on my projects. We always have a stock of this around the house.  

Toilet Plunger 
Luckily we haven’t had much use for ours. But we do have one waiting for the day we will desperately need it. 
Drain Auger
Nope. Don’t own one. We do know multiple people who do though so we’ll probably just borrow unless I find one at a garage sale or something. 

Toilet Auger  
I really hope we don’t have to use one of these. We don’t have one and hopefully we’ll never need one. Who knows though- we do live in a 60+ year old house. 

Work Gloves/Rubber Gloves
  Yep. Got both. They are both a necessity. We actually purchased the rubber gloves when Austin got ambitious and unclogged our slow sink drain. He pulled out a decomposing hairball. I tried to convince him it wasn’t mine. That didn’t work too well. 
I think it’s safe to say, our house is pretty well stocked for basic, maintenance needs. As long as we don’t have any major clogs that is…

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