>Professor Trelawney’s Bookself


All you Harry Potter fans know what I’m talking about. It’s true. My mom found a bookshelf for me that most likely came from Hogwarts. Check it out. 
 I mean check this thing out…!
If you can see past the astrology doodles, there is a really neat shape behind the horrific paint job.
 I painted it all black with a high gloss spray paint. At first I didn’t like the look of the gloss but it grew on me. After it was all black, I still felt like it needed something.
 Maybe some cute knobs?
Yes I think so.
 How about some accent paint? 
Yep. That too.
 I love how much the cream paint lightened the piece up.
It has found its home in the corner of our living room. I love it! 
If you look closely, you can see the silhouette of the moon still. Probably should have sanded that down. Oh well. 

One thought on “>Professor Trelawney’s Bookself

  1. >That piece was so funny! I bet someone was really proud of it at some point. 🙂 Anyway you greatly improved the piece. That was so smart to paint the interior white. It really brightens up the piece and will make anything you put in it really pop. Thanks so much for sharing it with me!

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