>Baby Shower


Meet my Besties. They’re pretty great. 
Since our current residences are very far apart (South Korea, Minnesota, Missouri and Illinois) there are very few times we are all together. This weekend was one of those precious few times of the year that we were all in the same place. What was the special occasion, you may ask? A baby shower for Sara!!
 Before the festivities began, we managed to slip in a trip to Dairy Queen the night before. This is us all pondering what the indulgence of the evening will be.
 The next day, the four of us spent the day cooking up a storm for the shower. At this point in our lives, we have thrown more than enough showers so we were able to narrow down the shower foods to our absolute favorites.  I’m still nibbling on the leftover Oreo balls…
 Baby showers are new territory for us but I think we mastered the diaper cake pretty well. Actually Bonnie was the architect of this masterpiece but we can take some credit, right?
We couldn’t help but playing at least one shower game. I don’t think the attendees minded. A little madlibs never hurt anyone.
Here’s a picture of the baby-goods clothesline we put together. It was full of fun goodies. 
Overall, we considered the shower a success. Sara and (soon to be Lakin) are well stocked with onesies, bottles, crib accessories, embellished burp clothes and so much more.
Sophie, of course, attended the shower as well. She thoroughly enjoyed the food she received from the ladies who couldn’t say no to her big, begging eyes.

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