>"Since You (I’ve) Been Gone…"

>I’ve slowed down my blogging a bit lately. For a lot of reasons: Work got super busy, wedding season, more things to do outside rather than being trapped inside on my computer, and so on.

As I was trying to think of all that has happened since I last posted, Kelly Clarkson’s song, “Since You Been Gone” started running through my mind. This has led to the theme of this post:

Since You (I’ve) Been Gone:
I started a new book. It’s called “In the Defense of Food.” So far it’s been super interesting. I’ve finally allowed myself to peek into the reasons to eat organic. I know it’s a slippery slope and I’ve been living under the assumption that “ignorance is bliss.” However, I’m learning that ignorance in what I’m actually eating may not be so blissful. More to come on this, I’m sure.

Since I’ve Been Gone:
We went to the lake! Austin and I headed home to hang with my parents and some other family friends for Memorial Weekend. Weekend activities included: Evening boat cruise, a run with my dad, boat ride to “Gators” to eat lunch on the lake, naps, gardening, shopping, visiting my friend Kylie’s farm, booking a trip to Alaska (yes, Alaska!), and much quality time with family. It was great.

Since I’ve Been Gone:
I got the flu. Yes, I got the flu in the summer and everything that comes with it. The day after I got home from the lake, I woke up feeling icky. It only got worse. That evening my temperature was fluctuating so much that I had to change clothes 5 times because I would get freezing and then an hour later I’d be sweating. It’s still lingering a bit but is on its way out I believe. When I was dating Austin, I used to brag how I never get sick. However, in the past year, I think I’ve been on the couch sick at least 3 times. Pride comes before the fall, huh?

Since I’ve Been Gone:
Chauncey has continued to destroy the wicker furniture set I got from a garage sale. We went to the pet store and bought this spray that you are supposed to put on the furniture. It apparently is super bitter tasting and should repel chewing. I sprayed it all over the legs and parts he’d been chewing on. However, Chauncey would not be thwarted in his destructive efforts. He simply moved on to parts that weren’t saturated in bitter spray. We finally threw up the white flag and moved the furniture to the front porch (where we never sit). Our back porch is once again furnitureless.

I think that about wraps it up.
Hopefully more creative juices start flowing soon.


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