>A Few Weekend Highlights


We had a really good weekend. Austin was in a wedding so that took up a lot of our time. However, I managed to do a little garage saleing with my friend, Lynette. I scored this wicker furniture set for only $20.00. I plan to spray paint it and fix it up a bit. I still can’t believe it was all for $20.00. I almost felt bad for the people selling it so cheaply. I probably would have paid more. That’s the nature of garage sales though!
Despite my glorious find, a problem I have run into with the furniture is this: Chauncey likes to chew on it. He’s a fan of sticks and branches so I think he thinks the wicker is a huge chew toy just for him. Dang dog. I’m trying to think of something I can spray on the legs that will taste nasty. Any ideas?

 I made these a few weeks ago but realized I never blogged about them. Recognize that fabric? I might have used it on a previous project. Here’s a hint… 

I just used the extra fabric from the chair to make some pillows for the room that the chair is in. I LOVE the way they turned out. They were super easy to do, too!

 Saturday night, was Noelle and Kyle’s reception.
 Here’s a shot of us at the wedding reception at the Missouri Theater. The food was awesome!

I spent a lot of time with this gal, Molly, this weekend. Since both our hubbies were in the wedding party we were partners in crime throughout all the festivities.
I think that wraps it up. Happy Monday!


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