>$8.00 Chair Face Lift


When I showed up in our driveway with a huge chair sticking out the back of my trunk, Austin didn’t know whether to be irritated or laugh at me. Luckily the sight eventually led to laughter. 

P: “It was only $8.00!! I have a vision for it!”
A: “Where did you get this thing”
P: “At the Habitat for Humanity’s Restore.”
A: “I thought you were going to run errands??”
P: “This was one of my errands :)”
A: “Is it comfortable?”
P: “Umm… I’m not sure.”
A: “You bought a chair without even sitting in it!?”
P: “It was only $8.00!”

Luckily, the risk of the $8.00 chair paid off. Take a look out it turned out!
Here are some more before shots. 
Sooo ugly.
But so much potential.
 As most of my face lifts do, it started with some sanding and a coat of primer.
I then gave it a few coats/two cans worth of spray paint.
 After that had dried, I did some glazing. I wanted to emphasize the crevices and character of the wood.
I used this technique on a mirror about a month ago. 
LOVED the way it turned out.
 After a few days of sitting out in my garage, I tackled those cushions. I picked up this fabric from JoAnns and made a pretty simple slip cover for each cushion.
 I was at first nervous about the busy pattern but after seeing it the chair, I fell in love!
Another angle of this little beauty.
I’d say this was worth every penny of the $8.00 I paid for it (and the $22.00 I paid for the fabric).

20 thoughts on “>$8.00 Chair Face Lift

  1. >Hi..I’m Barb…Popping over from Tip Junkie..I am your newest follower (I hope I did it right..I've never seen one like that before). I hope you will get a chance to visit my blog @ santasgiftshoppe.blogspot.com& get inspired by something for your family/home. I hope you will follow me as well. Nice to meet ya new friend!!!

  2. >Hi Barb again..I forgot to tell you what a GREAT job you did on the chair!!! Love it! On my blog on the post (reupholstering chairs for $1.25 each) you might get a kick out of. Hope you'll stop by & take a look at it!! Have a great day!!

  3. >That is really unbelievable; you have vision, girl! I would never have looked twice at that before chair, but now if I see one,maybe I will!

  4. >Amazing! Stopping from MissMatched and Marvelous! Love the ending to this story! You did great! Reminds me of a similar piece that Sara Richardson did on one of her shows! Great job!

  5. >I can't believe that chair was only 8 bucks. YAY for a deal. It looks awesome. Just came from a linky party. Can't wait to check out the rest of your blog.GREAT JOB!

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