>Progressive Dinner


For a lot of people, working with teenagers would be a nightmare. I’m going on my 9th year in the business and am going strong. It for sure has its ups and downs. At times I’ve been known to call it “The Black Hole of Endless Need,” but the majority of the time I love my job. 
One of the things I like about the job is putting on events. I love being creative and thinking of ways to make things ordinary things fun. The event we had this weekend was a Progressive Dinner. We took  30+ students and leaders through downtown Columbia. Here’s a recap of the evening. 

Appetizer:Nachos Bianco at Addisons
Italian pasta chips topped with Asiago cheese sauce, tomatoes, scallions, kalamata olives, banana peppers, mozzarella cheese, and chicken, black beans, or chorizo sausage.
This might be my favorite appetizer in Columbia, Missouri. Austin and I have been known to go to Addisons and just have these for dinner. I’m sure it’s REALLY healthy. 
While feasting on the nachos, the students were sucked in to ESPN’s “Not Top Ten.”

After every nacho was gone, we pried them away from the TV and proceeded to our dinner destination…

Dinner: Sandwiches at Which Wich

Each student got to custom make a sandwich from Which Wich. Since businesses tend to fear groups of teenagers in their building, we decided to take the rambunctious group to Peace Park to eat.  The destination was ideal. 
We chowed down, hung out, and were entertained by weird downtown Columbia people.
Brig decided he wanted some alone time…
As with any group of teenagers, competitions and games broke out. The most entertaining competition was watching the boys try to throw the football further than a junior gal, Nicole, threw it. Most of them proved their manhood. I won’t mention who didn’t. 
After most yard games were exhausted, we moved on to our final destination…
Dessert: Yogoluv
We told the students they could get anything they wanted.
As any true teenager would, they found the boundaries within the given freedom.
For example, this young fellow got $9.00 worth of yogurt and toppings. 
He looked slightly ill after we made him finish every bite.
Apparently the ice cream made some of the girls a little cold.
Despite the chilly affects of the yogurt, the students ate it with enthusiasm.
Overall, we deemed the event a success. Especially since I didn’t get even one, “Excuse me, are you the one in charge of this group?”

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