>More Garage Sale Goodies


I’m sulking right now. Once again, my sewing machine is being fussy. The tension is all wacky and because I got it at an estate sale, I have no manual on how to fix it. My mood is telling me to throw it out to the curb and never sew again but experience tells me I will be back on the machine within a week.
In order to relieve my frustrations, I’ll share a few garage sale finds I made last week. 
Buttons. Lots of buttons. All of these for $2.00. 
At least I can hand sew these on. Take THAT, sewing machine.
I probably would have passed up this button collection if I hadn’t seen this idea on Curbly. I also find myself hunting around for buttons for crafts so I think this new collection will be quite handy. 
Found these two vases. $.25 each. I loved their shape and saw loads of potential. 
In a 5 minute project, I crammed some craft paper into one of them and tied some of this tweed around it. Turned out cute, huh?! I’m waiting for some inspiration for the second one now. One thing is for sure- it will not involve fabric or sewing of any kind. 
I stumbled upon these kleenex box covers. I plan to mod podge some cool fabric or paper on them. Austin had a hard time understanding the purpose of a kleenex box cover. I beg to differ.  He’s a visual creature- he’ll understand once I get them decorated. Maybe. Well, lets be honest- he probably won’t even notice them until months after they’ve been placed around the house.
Just a few days ago, he was so excited to find out we had a blender. (That we’ve had since we’ve been married). Bless his heart.
Lastly, since we’ve been here, our silverware drawer had been unstable. The wire rack is way too small for the drawer so any time we open or shut it, the rack slides around resembling the sound of a car wreck. 
I found some wire baskets that fit perfectly in the drawer. Only $.25!!
It makes an amazing difference. 
Well, that’s all I got for now. 
I’ll be honest. I’m still sulking. 
My next attempt at medicating my sewing frustrations:
 Hope your evening is a bit more cheery than mine.

One thought on “>More Garage Sale Goodies

  1. >You certainly scored with the liquor decanters at a quarter each! You could always do the old standby and put water with a little food coloring into one of the decanters and set it in the window to catch the light. It looks better if it's not filled up all the way.

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