>Front Porch Gets Some TLC


I’m coming up on owning this house for a year now. Wow!
In all my decorating, I have ignored my front porch entirely.
Until today that is! 
 While helping a friend set up for a garage sale, I ended up buying these plant stands from her. They look like a bunch of junk together but I had a vision. The front porch was finally going to get some attention.
I liked all the different shapes and styles. Especially the plant stand in the front. All this for $7.00!
 Prime Time
I used my handy-dandy spray primer. It was quite the process because a storm was blowing in while I was spraying. I think I ended up with more on myself than on the stands and planters.
 Next, I sprayed all the planters red. After they dried, I decided they were way TOO red. So I used a charcoal spray paint to tone the color down. I kinda liked the dirty look that the charcoal gave them.
After giving them a chance to dry, I was so excited about the way they turned out. I plan to plant some flowers in them soon.
 Before and After Shots
Oh, and see that chair? I got it from the same garage sale for $5.00. Wahoo!
It’s a small start, but at least it’s something!

4 thoughts on “>Front Porch Gets Some TLC

  1. >Your pots and stands look fabulous! Amazing what a little spray paint will do huh? Your porch is coming along! Keep your eye out for one of the outdoor rug, maybe at a yard sale. They ad a nice punch of color and help make a nice seating area. Your puppy is adorable!

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