>Our Backyard: The Good- The Bad- The Ugly


There are lots of good things happening around our house right now. Last weekend, we took advantage of free mulch offered at Capens Park. Look how much there was!
 The original plan was to use it for our bed on the side of the house. We got that done fast.
We had so much left over that we ended up mulching about every bed we could find. We even made some around our trees, air conditioner, and more. Yeah for free mulch!

There are also a lot of beautiful flowers springing up around our house.
Look at these tulips closely. The petals have a frayed look. So cool!

I also planted some pansies in a flower box outside of our kitchen window. They make me so happy!

If you live in the Midwest, you know that it has been raining nonstop for almost four days. Flooding everywhere! Our main obstacle with the rain: Getting a puppy to pee outside. Chauncey thinks he is getting hit with acid rain and peeing outside is the last thing on his mind. 
We’ve gotten to the point of walking outside with him using a huge umbrella to protect him from the rain while he does his business.
Another thing worth mentioning happened last weekend. 
Austin attempted to chop down a dead tree stump that was in our backyard. He chopped and chopped until it was almost cut through…
…and then realized that he could simply push the stump over manually and it came out of the ground. Roots and all.
I got a good laugh out of this one. So now we this huge thing in the corner of our yard.
 Lastly, the ugly.
Yesterday, Austin went out to fetch the dogs and was surprised to find them in our neighbors fenced in yard- not ours. It was quite humorous trying to figure out the situation. After returning them to the rightful yard, we figured out that they slipped through a small opening in the fence.
The only things we had to block it off were these pieces of wood.
I’m calling it my “white trash solution.” 
It’s worked for the time being. So until we get motivated to find another solution we get to look at this when we grill out.
There it is. The good, the bad, and the ugly around our house right now.

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