>It’s WAR


 The Enemy: 
Ants in my kitchen. Specifically the ones targeting my pantry.
 Weapon of Choice:
409. It says “All Purpose” on it, right?
The Goal:
Destroy the entire colony that has invaded out kitchen.
The Long Term Strategy:
Ant Traps
Other Suggested Methods:
  • Spraying vinegar on the battlefield 
  • Sprinkling cinnamon around infested area
  • Use Pepper-they are repelled by the scent
  • Same thing with mint
  • Make sure all foods are properly stored
Anyone else having ant problems? I’m so annoyed!


3 thoughts on “>It’s WAR

  1. >I have always had the best luck with borax, sugar, and water on cotton balls. Good luck – ants are no fun, gives me goosebumps just thinking about them.

  2. >We have the same problem. They're really annoying. Back in my home country, black ants are lucky according to the elders. I don't believe them specially now that I am in America.

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