>Beanbags by the Number


A new stage of live has begun: Baby Showers. 
Just when I started to become the master of wedding showers, I have to move on to this whole new foreign area. Baby showers are a whole new ball game. On Friday, I went shopping for my cousin, Maddie whose shower was the next day.  As I looked over her registry at Target, I felt like I was reading a foreign language. While trying to find a “Brown and Pink Bobby Slip Cover” or a “Born Free 5 oz Wide Neck Bottle,” I realized I was way out of my league. I settled for a set of bottles that she wanted and decided I would make something personal to go along with the gift. 
Here’s what I came up with. 
 I must say, I can take no credit for this idea. The only originality in this project were my fabric choices. Everything else came from Sarah at Create Studio.  
If you want to know how they were made, keep reading:
I started by making my own number templates. I’m sure there is a better way to do this but I was wanting to make fast progress.

I then traced the number on the fabric and cut it out.

Flip the number over and do the same thing.
I then sewed the numbers, right sides out. (I was careful to leave an opening so I could pour in the rice later.)

After the numbers were sewn, I went through the tedious task of snipping around the edges. This is to create the frayed look. 
After snipping all the edges, throw those puppies in the washer (I added mine to a load of laundry). Dry them too. When you pull them out, they will be frayed.
Use a funnel to add the rice through the opening you left when sewing. 
Sew up the hole used for that and you’re done!
I did make one little mistake in the midst of this project. For a few of the numbers, I chose a fabric that was too loosely woven. So after washing, drying, and pouring the rice in, I realized that rice pieces were slipping out the sides.
(See the holes it left?)
So I had to redo the six and eight bean bags. 
Other than that, I thought they turned out great! 
If you invite me to your baby shower, you will probably see these again. πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “>Beanbags by the Number

  1. >These turned out so cute Polly! Thanks for the link and give that Em Lew a big hug from me!!-Sarah from Create Studiowww.createstudio.blogspot.com

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