>Did We Really Buy This Today?

>I am not surprised that I cried 4 times today.
I went to the animal shelter. I seriously just lose it in that place. I see so many sad eyes looking up at me, starved for attention, hoping for a better life.
Well, guess what?
One dog did get lucky. Say hello to _______! (We haven’t named him yet)

He’s a Australian Shepherd/Lab Mix.  Nine weeks old. The sweetest demeanor I’ve ever seen in a puppy.

Let me tell you about this guy. He WORKED us. We weren’t interested in puppy. I walked by his kennel and he was just chillin on his blanket. Not yipping or jumping up and down like the rest of the dogs.  I stopped. Watched him for a sec. Then he got up, walked towards me, put his little paws up on the gate, stuck his nose through and just wagged his little tale. I then stuck my hand in to pet him. He just melted in my hand. Tears.
Austin smiled at me, knowingly.

(Can you see my red eyes from crying?)

I had to pull myself away because I knew he wasn’t what we were looking for. We scouted out a few other prospects and kept being drawn back to his kennel. I won’t go into detail but we got to spend some time with him and just fell in love.

Despite my impulsiveness, I had two hesitations. 1) How big would he get? 2) Would Sophie get along with him?

The first is unknown and very hard to predict.
The second hesitation was alleviated when we brought Sophie to meet the doggy and they were totally fine. Sophie for sure bossed him around a little and let him know when he was breaking unspoken doggy manners. When Sophie would snarl a little, the pup would fall flat to his stomach and roll over in submission. Perfect.

We will get him tomorrow around 3:00. I hope we have a name by then! Right now the top picks are: Laurence, Milo, Albert, and Chauncey. (Three of those are named after athletes. Can you guess who came up with them?)

Oh, and my brother was kind enough to mention that I could possibly celebrate my 40th birthday with this dog…ugh. I had a “I’m freaking old” moment. Anyway…

We’re excited. If you can’t tell. 
Post a comment and tell me what we should name him!
Albert? Milo? Laurence? Chauncey? (Any other names jump out?)
Cast your vote! We need help!

6 thoughts on “>Did We Really Buy This Today?

  1. >Dane and Erika- That's so funny you threw out Duke. I was calling him that in the shelter. As of right now, my hubby is leaning towards Albert. (Named after Albert Pujols). I told him he can make the final decision on the name so we may have an Albert Chauncey Conner this afternoon. Yes- he gave him a middle name as well. Who knows though, it may change very soon.

  2. >I'm pretty sure I shouldn't go to the animal shelter after reading this. I miss my dogs so much (but they are with awesome people!). I thought that would be a good way to volunteer and fill my animal-loving needs, but I think I will just cry and cry! I totally see why you couldn't resist that sweet face! I like Albert for Albert Pujols. That's my vote, and I'm pretty sure Cory's vote too 🙂 considering he has a STL Cardinals tattoo.

  3. >I'm so excited for you both and (Milo)! When we got Oli at 9 weeks he was about the same size as (Milo) and is a black lab/australian shepherd mix. He is now a year old and 64 pounds. he's no lap dog (despite his best efforts) but he is a nice medium size.Hope all goes well! I miss you, friend!

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