>Serving Who?

>This weekend, I had the opportunity to serve at Granny’s House. Granny’s House is place where public housing kids can come each day after school to see values, manners and God’s love in action. It provides a wealth of activities, academic help,  and mentoring for kids who are in need. It really is a cool program.
They had all sorts of things to keep us busy.

 Putting together packages of hygiene items
Replacing old sidewalk stones that the kids had created.
Lots of mulching and landscaping projects. 
The kids joined in as well.
They were even more eager to help scrub down the trashcans.
After the pack of scrubbers was done with one can, the would move on to another- even if had already been done. Let me tell you, these cans were spotless after 4-5 eager seven year olds go after them with scrubbers. It was hilarious to watch. 
After spending only half a day at Granny’s House, I have a whole new respect for what they do. 
It was so fun. I’m thankful for the opportunity to serve this program.
At this point, I am going to go a little contemplative on you… Feel free to check out if you are someone who likes pictures, funny jokes and flashy texts.
After reading When Helping Hurts, I have been asking some big questions.
WHY serve?
A few days ago on the Today Show, there was a women encouraging others to serve their community. She said over and over again, “It makes you feel so good… You get so much out of it.”
This just hit me wrong. Should we be serving so WE feel good? Isn’t that a little selfish? Who am I really serving if I’m doing it to make myself feel better?
So if I don’t serve to make myself feel like a good person, why do it? For the program? The people? For God? Which motivation should be the primary one? I know that in a perfect world, I would serve out of a response to what God has done for me on the cross. But can I honestly say that any of my acts of service have been done out of a pure heart? I think there is always a bit of a selfish motive in our acts of service. Maybe you’re better than me and do serve with pure intentions. But I think the primary message in America is to serve so YOU are a better person and to make you feel better about yourself. I just don’t think that is right.
I have a lot of other thoughts on this but don’t want to bog anyone down with my maze of a mind. I am simply in a stage of reevaluation of my heart. Hope you will do the same.

One thought on “>Serving Who?

  1. >That is a good question. It would be nice if it was possible to serve with 100% pure motives–with nothing in it for ourselves, but I don't believe that is the way God made us. I believe that if we operate and serve in our giftedness, then one of the benefits is that it energizes us, therefore making us feel good–excited about what we are doing. I don't think feeling good is what necessarily motivates all people, specifically Christians, to serve; I would like to think that God does that. But I do know that when I do it *right* it usually means I get some pleasure in it. And I thank God for that. It may feel selfish but if the job gets done and I feel good about it, then what is wrong with that? Just thinking along with you. Enjoyed the mind exercise!

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