>Garage Sale Makeovers

>Remember the load of things I came back with from my garage sales a few weeks ago? Let me remind you…

Looks like a bunch of junk, yes?
I shall prove you wrong.
See that little mirror on the left? The green one? The one for $2.00?
Here’s a closer look:
I sanded it down to give the paint something to hold on to. I then painted it white. 
Here’s a picture of it in progress:
After it dried, I sanded it down again. Weird, I know. Don’t worry- I had a plan. I wanted to give it some character and personality. Sandpaper will do just the trick! 
I hunted around my house for a good place for it to call home. The mantle was calling its name.
Kinda weird to put a mirror on top of a mirror, but I like it. 
Another little treasure I picked up for $0.25 was this guy:
The naive eye would see this as a piece of junk. Not so! 
After a few coats of spray paint, I found a great use for it!
 For twenty-five cents, I was VERY pleased with the way it turned out. 
Just wanted to update you on my progress! 

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