>Fabric Flowers: You Win Some, You Lose Some


Remember the fabulous Easter basket my mother gave us last weekend?
Well, I found a place for it! It’s serving a slightly different purpose however.

I wanted to snazz up the basket a little and have also been wanting an excuse to attempt making a fabric flower. So, today was the day.

I followed this tutorial (kinda) to make my little guy.

In my first attempt, I picked some thicker fabric that I got at an estate sale a few weeks back. 
Cut a 45X2 inch strip. Folded it in half (long ways) wrong sides together and ironed it. No pinning necessary-wahoo!
I then set my machine to do a basting stitch (long stitches) and sewed a 1/4 seam along the folded edge.
Make sure to NOT to make a knot at the end by reversing. 
 Next step is to grab one of the threads that you just sewed and pull it. The fabric should scrunch right up to give you a nice little ruffle. 

However, if you are like me and chose a thick fabric, you will quickly learn that it doesn’t work on thick fabric. Or if it does, I have no idea how to do it. After pulling and pulling, this is as far as I could get the fabric to ruffle up. I gave up and went hunting for a thinner fabric. Grrr.

I dug out some fabric I found at a garage sale last weekend. And did the same steps as above.
This time it worked a little better.
(Sigh of relief)
Next step was to roll the ruffled fabric up cinnamon roll fashion. As you’re doing this, you’ll hand sew the bottom part to secure your rolls.  Tip: Use a thimble!
Flip that baby over and a flower is born!
If you want, you can add a little raz-ma-taz to the middle. Some use buttons, some are lazy like me and use a sick on jewel.

Hot glued it on a ribbon…

Done and Done.


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