>Rain Boot Hunt


For a while, I’ve wanted a pair of rain boots. I’ve been eyeing out the boots that I see on gals around me but just haven’t found any that I wanted to go out and buy. However, Saturday morning my hubby caught wind of a $5.00 polo sale at Old Navy. He wanted to go do a little impulse shopping so I added rain boots to the shopping list. In doing a little research I learned that there is quite the variety of boots out there. And quite a range of prices I might add. I’ll feature just a few of them below. Starting from the most expensive:

Burberry: $156.00
 Goo! Too expensive. Do they have heaters built in or something?
Hunter $115.00
Gracious. Another very expensive pair. I would expect them to evaporate the sweat from my feet at that price. No thanks.
Kamik $55.00
Hmmm. Hearts? Not my style. Getting closer to my price range though. 
Chooka $38.00
Oh gosh. No. 
Please go away.
Journee $40
Getting closer. A little “Uggs meet Clueless” looking to me. 
I confess, I kinda like these. I wouldn’t spend more than $20.00 for them but if they were to show up in my closet, I’d wear them.
Red. Shiny. Fireman. I like.
So with all of the crazy rain boots on the market, what’s a woman to do?
Well, being the big spender and extreme shopper that I am (yeah right), I headed over to Shoe Carnival. Don’t judge me. 
I’m glad I did because I found these!!! (Or at least something very similar)
$34.00 bay bay!
Fear not, my toes. You shall never be damp from puddles again!

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