>Easter Treasures


My Easter was great. For many reasons. 
First: I was refreshed spiritually by the power and impact of the resurrection. Not just saying that. I really was.
Secondly: My parents came in town. They’re so fun!
Thirdly: We went to the Farmer’s Market, dog park, out to eat twice, grilled out, watched basketball, and more.
Fourthly: As always, my mother was accompanied with holiday gifts and surprises.

Surprise Number One:
A bird feeder! I know, I know, I am officially a grandma when I am excited about a bird feeder hanging outside of my window. I’m embracing the elderly hobbies in myself. 
Father Drover hanging holes for the hanger.
Can you tell I’m excited? They promised me that the birds would find it soon. I’m still waiting for that first flurry of activity!
Moving on.

Surprise Number Two:
Mizzou flip flops for the family!
I have no idea how my mother seems to find Mizzou themed EVERYTHING. Add flip flops to the list. (I’m actually wearing them right now!)

Surprise Number Three:
The goody basket!
Coffee, lotions, flavored drinks, chocolates, gum, candy, red vines, peanuts, ranch dressing, and much more. Very personalized. 

What a great weekend! We are so blessed.

2 thoughts on “>Easter Treasures

  1. >Hi Polly,i have just started to follow you and feel very inspired and blessed by your Blog.love the "Flip Flops" we wear them practically all the time here in Australia but we call them "Thongs" not to be mixed up with a very tiny item of under apparel. we have had them forever here and they are part of our culture…you will find they are so comfortable in summer…well keep up the great work with your blog and will look in on you every now and then.AmandaQueensland, Australia.

  2. >1. It's cool you have a follower from Australia! 2. You're mom should go into the gift basket business. Seriously. Your mom knows how to work the gift basket every holiday.

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