>My One Easter Craft


My mother is notorious for leaving little “goodies” on our beds when we come home to visit. Usually seasonal items. Well, my parents are coming in town tomorrow for Easter so I thought I would return the favor. (I stole the idea from “The Girl Creative” blog.)

They are super easy to make!
Step One:

Get a washcloth of any color.  Roll the diagonal edges until the meet in the middle. 

 Step Two:

Fold your rolled washcloth in half. The rolls should be facing out.

Step Three:

Fold in half again and rubber-band the front part of the folded rag to create the head.

Step Four:

Tie a ribbon of your choice where the rubber band is. Hot glue on the eyes. Hot glue on the pom-poms to make a nose and a tail.

Done and Done.

If I had a little more time, I’d get a little more creative with the creatures. For now though, I think my parents will appreciate my slow transformation into my mother.


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