>$1.00 Shelf Makeover


I found this little purple shelf at a garage sale for $1.00. I saw potential.

I pulled out one of my best weapons: Rustolium Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint.

Thirty minutes later…
I had originally planned on using this as a shelf in our tool/utility closet. However, as I looked at it more, I realized it might be the perfect fit for a spot in our bathroom.
Our bathroom is small. Very small.
Sharing it with a dude makes it seem even smaller.
Do you SEE how close the toilet is to the sink?!? That’s all I’m going to say about that.
Moving on…

I got a little creative and modge-podged some cute paper on the shelves.

Let it dry.
Hung it up.

Done and done!



I’m proud of my $1.00 makeover.


5 thoughts on “>$1.00 Shelf Makeover

  1. >That's awesome, Polly! How perfect for your bathroom! I love reading about what you're tackling next. You make me want to go thrifting. Keep it up!

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