>I Heart Transformation

>Hi There.
My name is ugly purple table.
I was sold for $6.00 at Goodwill the other day to an eager young gal.
She promised me a makeover.
My makeover started with some sanding.
Then I was primed all over with white paint in order to hide all my different colors.
(I thought it was funny when the young gal leaned forward to paint my underneath and got oil based primer in her hair… good luck getting that out!)
Anyway, my bottom half was covered with this mustardy color. I wasn’t so sure about the color choice, but once I was wearing it, I felt pretty confident.

But that wasn’t the end of my makeover. The eager young gal started doing some measurements on my top half. She penciled some lines on me with amazing accuracy and laid some paint tape down on me. Then out of nowhere, these really cool stripes were painted on! I love them!

I’m pretty pumped about my makeover.
Hope to be useful soon!


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