>Doggy Delimma

>It is a beautiful 70 degrees outside today. Perfect running weather.
So I geared up, got Sophie leashed up, and we were off.

The neighborhood I live in has an overwhelming amount of fenced in dogs. They seem to think it is their mission to terrorize anybody that walks past their territory. This day was no different.

As we jogged down our usual route, we passed a house that had a screened in porch. As we approached the house, I heard barking. I didn’t think anything of it. It was a little dachshund. As we continued to jog past, a very funny thing happened.

Another dog, which was much bigger can running from inside the house. It didn’t even hesitate as it ran towards the screen that kept it inside. It busted through the screen at full force and headed in a dead sprint towards Sophie and I.

I scooped Sophie up as the dog tried to get to her. At that point, the owner came out and was screaming at the dog. “Callie, come here. HERE!” The dog had absolutely no respect for this woman and was taking full advantage of its new found freedom. I stood their awkwardly watching this dog lead this screaming lady (who was not moving very fast) in circles around their yard. I asked, “Is there anything I can do?” No answer from the woman.

While the dog was leading this lady on a chase around the block, the dachshund realized that there was a hole in the screen. As I saw it start to come out, I yelled, “No!” in my most authoritative voice. It didn’t give a crap what I had to say and came running towards me aggressively. The lady was still trying to get a hold of “Callie,” so I slowly tried to disappear from the hilariously awkward scene.

What’s funny is that for the rest of the run, every time I heard a dog bark from behind a fence or screen, I would get a jolt of fear. Sophie remained unphased. Needless to say, I took a different route back to our house. I doubt those dogs will be spending much time on the porch anymore.


One thought on “>Doggy Delimma

  1. >we have an 80lb briard and three screen doors on our house (we use them a lot in the spring and fall) and i'm always afraid that vivi could tear through the door if another dog came up on the porch or something. so far, so good though.

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