>Alright ladies, you know those days where you are borderline meltdown for no reason? How everything seems slightly worse than it actually is? How irrational thoughts seem to pour forth without control?

Yesterday was one of those.

In an effort to divert my attention from the chaos in my emotions, I threw myself into a few sewing projects.

Big mistake.

I began with trying to hem some jeans.
My first three attempts ended in inches of string hanging out the back side and getting stuck in my machine. Turns out the tension wasn’t right (whatever that means). I tried to look at my machine’s manual only to find out that I actually had the manual for a different model than mine. Crap. I continued to fight my way through the hem of my jeans. My needle got stuck multiple times but I got it done. Kinda.
“I’m never attempting anything with denim ever again.”

I moved on to do some laundry. Pulled one of Austin’s new dry-fit Mizzou shirts out of the washer to find mysterious orange stains all across the front. Crap.
“I’m never buying anything white ever again.”

Found out Austin wouldn’t be home for a while so I decided to take on another sewing project I have been wanting to try for a while.

Cute huh? I wish I could say I made them.

This blog makes them seem so easy. For an emotional gal looking for something to take away stress, this is a BAD idea. I was in no mood for preciseness. I wanted to accomplish something. A bad combination for sewing.

Long story short, my machine was not working well. My fabric was all crooked. And to top it off, when I ironed it, I ended up MELTING some of the fabric. Awesome.
“I suck at sewing. I’ll never be good. I quit.”

I threw my attempted project away and watched 4-yes-4 episodes of The Office.

As I regurgitated the irrational thoughts of the evening to my husband, he made the point that I have only been sewing for a month. He has a point. But for the time being, I am in a stand off with my machine. I’ll have to be in a very positive mood to attempt anything soon.


One thought on “>Irrationality

  1. >I truly enjoyed looking over your blog! Love the mirror on mirror on your mantle piece (wish I had a mantle piece). I love your thread holder. Genius! And I loved this melt down post. I went to college in sewing and I still have those melt downs where I swear I'll never sew again. When I reach those points, I go and do something a little easier. It helps. I'll come back to see what else you come up with! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog.Cami

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