>"Suitcase Hunt"

>This summer, I am taking a team of 50 people on a work-project mission trip to Harmons, Jamaica. Each person on the team is required to bring two suitcases that they end up leaving in Jamaica. Having led past trips, I am well aware that not everyone can easily find two large suitcases that they can leave down there. With this in mind, I have made my mission to hunt down as many suitcases as possible.

Problem is, when I walk in those doors of Goodwill, my suitcase-hunting-ambitions are thwarted by the mass about of items with so much potential! Last week I came home with zero suitcases but two other great finds.

Item one

A touch of spray paint gives it a whole new look. I’m not quite done with this guy. Going to put some cute fabric on the inside and use it as storage for fabric scraps.

Item Two
Ugly little box

I spray painted it white and sanded it down a bit.
I LOVE how it turned out.
A little more detail for ya.

Guess I’ll just have to keep hunting for those “suitcases,” huh?


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