>Once Upon a Time


Once upon a time, the Conners wanted to start a garden. They had the land, the tools, the weather, and the ambition but they didn’t know where to begin. They were sad.
One beautiful Spring day, a truck pulled in their driveway. Who could this be? What could all this dirt be for?

They were delighted to find the legendary gardener, Gary Drover, step out of the truck. Armed and ready (with his assistant, Janny) to work the land and help the Conners start their first garden!
He started the process by measuring out a plot of land, 4X12 feet long.After measuring, we had to dig up the area. Get-out-of-here grass!
When we had removed enough dirt, Gary went to work on a frame for the garden.

With the frame in place, we had to dig some more. Loosening the packed dirt up is critical for plant growth.
Remember all that dirt in the back of the truck? Well we had to haul it all into the new garden area. That was not an easy task! After about 20 loads of dirt were dumped in, (and a lunch break), there was more digging to be done. The new topsoil dirt had to be mixed in with the existing soil in the ground. Our shovels (and backs) got a hearty workout.
Next step: De-clumping. A tedious job in which the workers find big clumps of dirt to break apart or remove from the garden bed.

Forgot to mention, Gary brought along his work supervisor, Rip. He was skeptical the entire time.

Planting time. Gary enlightens us with all his seed planting knowledge.
Lettuce, snow peas, carrots, radishes, and spinach all went in on this particular day. More seeds to come as it gets warmer!
A little watering, some further instructions on garden maintenance, and TA-DA! The Conner’s first garden is complete!

The Conner family is happy once again. Thanks Mom and Dad for a hard day of work. You guys are the best!

3 thoughts on “>Once Upon a Time

  1. >Now just go buy a long soaker hose (the kind the seep) and a water timer and you have an almost hands free garden! We planted our first last year and the timer was AWESOME! All I did was pull a couple weeds here and there, churn the soil a few times, and picked the bounty. Enjoy!

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