>Tricky Little Bug

>I’ve been sick all weekend.

From Friday afternoon to now (Sunday early evening), I have been on the couch despite one outing to Church this morning which ended not so good.

It’s not the flu. Just a nauseous-blah feeling. Whatever it may be, it is a tricky little bug. There are times I think I am feeling better so I get up and start doing something (other than lay on the couch) then out of nowhere-WHAM. Back on the couch worse than I was.

The tricky little bug also deceives my appetite. I feel hungry, so I eat something, and WHAM- back to the couch with funny noises coming from my stomach.

Despite the bug’s objections, I do feel like I am starting to get better.
A few things that have gotten me through the weekend:

  • The Olympics-specifically Ice Dancing!
  • Sophie serving as my heating blanket
  • TNT Movies
  • My husband’s company on the couch
  • The Rain (If it were beautiful and sunny I’d be very upset about being sick)
  • Stalking other people’s blogs
  • HGTV
  • Oatmeal with brown sugar (about the only thing my stomach will take)
  • Words with Friends (iphone game)

I plan to be back in action by tomorrow. One more day of channel surfing, oatmeal, and thinking about what I COULD be doing if I weren’t sick.

I hate you tricky little bug. I will beat you.


One thought on “>Tricky Little Bug

  1. >Sorry you're not feeling well Polly! Hope you get better! I've been fighting a little bug too…just a cold probably. Korea constantly makes me sick. Maybe I am allergic to this country? But I digress…miss you. wish I could watch movies with u.

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