>A Test of Womanhood


While trying to distract myself from the monotony of the elliptical, I stumbled on an article titled
“Nine Things Every Woman Should Know How to Do.”
Should I test my womanhood??
Heck ya. Bring it on Self magazine!

1) Sew a Button
Seriously? I’ve been doing this since junior high home ec class. Many of buttons sew in my days.

2) Roast a Chicken
Done it once. All I remember was taking out nasty insides and 3 ingredients that I use on everything: onion salt, celery salt, and garlic salt. Probably would have to make a call or two to my mom. Nonetheless, I’ve done it.

3) Tie a necktie
Well dang. Knew how to at one point in my life. My husband is in seminary- not much need for neckties in our life right now.

4)Do a basic Waltz
I wouldn’t say I know how to do this but I seriously think I’ve done it. During my Father/Daughter dance at my reception, my dad for sure had some kind of dance going on that I was unaware of. Luckily he was a strong leader and I kinda followed along. I think this might of been a waltz. But, lets be honest. I don’t know how to do it.

5) Mix the perfect martini
Does Jack and Coke count? It’s the only drink I know how to mix.

6)Hang a picture
I mean seriously?
I don’t even have to explain. Follow my blog for like one week and you’ll get your answer.

7)Throw a yard sale

8) Compost
Well, kinda. We have one. (From the previous owner of the house) I put some scraps in it once. Not fully there yet though. Give me a year or two.

9)Build a fire
Can a lake girl build a fire? Do you even need to ask?

Not the high score I hoped for.
Stay tuned for MY list of things I think girls should know how to do.

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