>I’m On a Mirror Kick


Discovered a flea market in town.
Had some fun.
Bought two mirrors.
Officially went over my “spending” budget.
Was gently reprimanded by my husband for my impulsiveness.

It was worth it.

Mirror One: Ugly Floral: Great Frame: $6.00



Painted it black, sanded down the edges to give it some character and found it a home on my mantle.
I like the mirror on mirror look! Austin had fun with the double faces it can give you. Easily entertained, he is.

Mirror Two: Cheesy Looking: $10.00



I was planning painting it and sanding down the edges to give it some character. I wanted a maroon color to show through the black. I mixed some red paint and brown paint to get a maroon color to coat it with.

Then painted a coat of black and sanded down the edges to reveal the lovely coat of maroon hiding beneath.

Not quite done yet. I wanted a little more accessorizing so I went searching around my house and found this… a refrigerator magnet that has been with me for about 7 years now.

A little hot glue action…

Done and Done.

I also found the perfect spot for it in our bedroom!


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