>Budget Friendly Decorating


Details make a difference. Don’t believe me? Look at the before and after:
Here’s a rundown on some of the thrifty decor ideas used in this room.

Project One: Curtains
Since I only have one curtain for each window, I centered it and made a ruffled sash for each one.I got this soft brown fabric from Goodwill for $.50. Cut it into four pieces and went to work.
This is no ordinary sash though. My curtains are actually decorated with ruffled scarfs! Well kinda. Remember the scarf I made that I was so proud of?
Well I used the same idea for the curtain sashes. Just used half the fabric and trimmed 2 inches of the side to make it a little smaller. Here’s a pic of the sash in progress. Simply used the elastic thread in the bobbin and matching thread in the machine. It was super easy.

Pretty thrifty, eh?

Next Project: Raz-Ma-Taz the Pillow.
Kinda blah, yes?

Well I took some of the scrap fabric from the curtain sashes, and made two big circles of fabric, then sewed on line down the middle with the elastic thread.
Slid the ruffled fabric around the pillow, pinned some fake hydrangea on there and viola!

All that from a $.50 piece of fabric. I seriously get a thrill from budget decorating. Is that weird?

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