>The guest bedroom in our house has been a thorn in my side.

We’ve already painted it twice and both times the color just didn’t sit right with me. The color is too dark and makes the room seem cave like. I knew I didn’t like the color so I didn’t even bother to do the touch up work on the trim. Needless to say, it’s been on my “to do” list for a while now.

I’m learning that Austin does not get as excited about repainting rooms as I do. He’s probably in the majority on that one. Knowing he would want no part in sprucing up the guest bedroom, I suggested that I take on the project while he is at a conference all weekend in Minnesota. It didn’t take much convincing when he knew he wouldn’t be the one laboring away in a room he doesn’t care about. Having the thumbs up from my hubby, I headed to Lowes to get some paint swatches. As you can see, I grabbed about every color that was even close to what I want.

I’ve learned that paint can look completely different at different times of the day. It can also look different on each wall. So for about 30 minutes, I taped my favorites to each wall, looked at them with lights on-lights off-blinds open-blinds closed-etc. I even waited until it was evening to go back in and check out the colors.

I eventually kept coming back to one called, “Night Frost.” It’s a greyish-blueish-greenish color.

Let the work begin!

Here are a few links I found helpful in the paint-picking process.





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