>Feeling Ruffled?


I made a scarf.It’s ruffled.

Sophie helped.
(she seriously sat there the whole time I sewed)

Here’s how I did it if you care…

I stumbled upon this tutorial but decided to give it my own twist.
Get two 1/2 yard pieces of Jersey Knit fabric. Jersey knit doesn’t fray and is super comfy.
Fold it in half and fold it again. It should be around 18-19 inches long.

After folded, in half. Apply the steps to both pieces if you haven’t figured that out yet.
So now you should have 4 long pieces of fabric.
Sew the ends together to make one long piece of each color. Don’t freak out- it’s deceivingly long.

You’ll need some elastic thread for the next step. Hand wind your bobbin with the elastic (not too tight) and prepare your machine with a thread that will match your fabric. Make sure your setting is on baste stitch.
Next, pin the fabrics together and sew a straight line all the way down the fabric. I stitched mine around an inch and a half in. You’ll see the fabric start to gather as it is sewn.
Now do the same thing down the other side of the fabric.

At this point, the scarf it technically done. However, I got nervous relying on one elastic thread to hold my entire scarf together so I went back over my seam with a zig-zag stitch.

Badabing Badaboom. Ruffled scarf.


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