>Learning to Pace Myself

>I’ve discovered a entire subculture of crafty blogs.
As a result, I have been to Hobby Lobby about 10 times in the past two weeks and my allotted spending money has only $8.00 left for the month. Oops.

Let this be a fair warning to you before you peek into this amazing subculture of our society. Once you step in, there is no getting out.

Young House Love: The story of two people falling in love with their first house
This is the blog that got me started on this train. Their DIY obsession empowered me to take on multiple projects in my home. It’s almost like a story you step into that you can’t walk away from.

Create Studio: Tap into your creative side
Lots of ideas. Lots of variety. All things that seem very doable. A good one to add to your google reader.

U create
The name explains it well. They feature things that the average-non-crafty-goddess could do. I love that they have sewing stuff in addition to around the house projects.

A fabulous sewing blog! So many cute ideas with great tutorials. This is one of my favorites right now.

Ever Crafty Endeavor
The name explains it well. Lots of variety. I actually just made a ruffled scarf from a tutorial off of this blog. It’s a fun read!

Drab to Fab
One of my newest addictions. I love their continuous treasure hunts at local thrift stores. They seriously can turn the most ugly possession into something that would sell for big bucks. I’m learning a lot from these ladies.


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