>Learning to Make Four Curtains Out of Two

>We got these curtains as a wedding gift. I LOVE them! They go great in our office. Problem is, there were only two for our four windowed room. I hung them anyway (because I liked them so much) and left our other two windows naked.

Well this Saturday I embarked on a little project. I was feeling confident in my sewing abilities and decided I was possibly capable of making these two curtains into four. They of course would have to be shorter so I decided to go with the cafe curtain look.

Step 1: Measure 33 inches of fabric and cut.
Step 2: Before fabric began to unravel, sew a seam along the cut line.
Step 3: Fold over a one inch hem, iron down, then fold over 2 more inches for a heafty hem. Press again.
Step 4: Sew a hem!
Step 5: Pray that all four curtains turn out the same length.
Step 6: Make alterations when they don’t. 😦
Step 7: Hang those puppies up!
Step 8: Use safety pins to alter them some more while hanging.
Step 9: Make your husband come ooh and awe over your first homemade curtains.
Step 10: Remember to take pictures of the steps next time so you can ooh and awe the blog readers with visual demonstrations.

So there you have it. I am proud to say that I saved well over $60 with this project.
Here are some before and after shots.




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