>Learning to Make a Sewing Machine Cover


Round One

Since my sewing machine didn’t come with a cover, I figured I should create something to go over it. Apparently this extends the lifespan of the machine quite a bit. Dust makes it sick apparently.

So I pulled out some of my scrap fabric, looked up some online tutorials, and began cutting. Since the fabric I wanted to use was super thin and sheer-like, I sewed some lining behind it to give it some umph. I also gave myself a few extra inches of fabric since I didn’t really know what I was doing.

Since I’m an amateur at sewing it took be about an hour to simply line the fabric. But after both pieces were lined, I sewed three sides together, leaving the bottom open. I was so excited to slide the little beast on my machine to see if it fit.

Not even close

I laughed out loud at myself and began to realize that impreciseness is going to be my weakness in sewing.

Round Two

I seam ripped both sides off and made the seam a lot closer to the ends of the fabric. Surely an extra inch will help this puppy slide right on, right?

Well, it’s closer I guess.
Round Three

The cover was still too small to cover the base of my machine. Again, laughing at my second failed attempt, I decided to try a new approach. Since I just needed a few extra inches at the bottom, I improvised by making a split in backside the material. Thank goodness for the seam ripper. After sewing up the seams and sliding it on for a third trial, it worked!

To give it more of a rounded and fitted look, I trimmed the corners off. Simply, fold the corners, pin, sew along the folded line that you marked and cut it off.

Drum roll, please….

Not going to lie, I’m proud.


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