>Learning to Sew… Something

>Since I got my sewing machine AND I’ve been on a ridiculous craft/decorating kick, I thought I would begin to make a little space in our house dedicated to my creative juices.
It’s in the works but here’s one little nook I created for storage.

I had an old sewing table that came free with the sewing machine from the estate sale. I figured it could be useful- especially since I can store things underneath it.

I’m not a fan of clutter. I didn’t like the look of the storage underneath. It needed a tablecloth to cover them up. And guess who has the potential to create a tablecloth now?! I grabbed some of the scrap fabric (again from the estate sale) and went to work.

I could have made a very simple cloth. Just make a seam around a square of fabric and be done with it. I wanted a little more practice though. So I decided to try to sew in a colored panel down the middle of the tablecloth.

I learned pretty fast that I need to find a better system of measuring and cutting straight lines. I seriously used the hardwood floor boards to make sure I was cutting straight.
I persevered though and despite on major error (thank you seam ripper), I created my first usable project. Ta Da!

I was very pleased with the finished product.

Before and After


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