>Thank You Estate Sale

I’ve wanted a sewing machine for a while now. I didn’t want to buy one new so I’ve just been waiting around for a great deal to fall in my lap. Well, the day finally came.

I was poking around on Craig’s List for one and saw that there was an estate sale that had one for sale. I got my hiney over there and found this little beauty waiting for me for $25.00!! The best part about it is that they included all the accessories with it. I came home with a sewing machine and a bunch of little gadgets, tools, metal objects, thread, a box of fabric, and a lot of ambition that I had no clue what to do with.

I contacted some of my local sewing friends and one young lady was more than eager to help me get started. Miss Lauren invited me into her home and volunteered her mother to coach me in my first few sewing lessons. It was a blast!

That night I thought I’d try out my skills. I used some extra fabric that Lauren had donated to me to attempt making a pillow. I didn’t have any cotton so I shoved it full of grocery bags to get the idea of what it would look like. Bing Bang Boom. My first creation!


One thought on “>Thank You Estate Sale

  1. >Sewing becomes addicting very quickly, but I find it very relaxing. p.s. how did you get those tabs at the top of your blog "life" "minsitry" etc. ?? I've been wanting to add those to mine, but can't figure it out…

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